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  • September 22, 2016

Bill 22: The Ticket Speculation Amendment Act (Purchase and Sale Requirements), 2016

MPP Kiwala’s Private Members’ Bill aims to prohibit the use of ticket purchasing software and requires the listing of a tickets original purchase price when it is offered for sale in a print or electronic format.

September 22, 2016

Today, Sophie Kiwala, MPP for Kingston and the Islands, rose in the Ontario Legislature to present her Private Members’ Bill, Bill 22: The Ticket Speculation Amendment Act (Purchase and Sale Requirements), 2016. The act, if passed, will prohibit the use of software that bypasses security measures used by ticket selling websites that limit the number of tickets a person can purchase at one time. It will also require disclosure of the original price of tickets when they are re-sold.

MPP Kiwala was motivated to introduce this legislation after hearing from constituents, who shared their concerns about secondary ticket sellers purchasing mass quantities of tickets and reselling at skyrocketed prices moments after box offices opened for a concert in Kingston this past summer.

This legislation, if passed, will ensure fair and transparent ticket sales to increase the accessibility of sporting events, museum exhibits, festivals, concerts, theatre productions and much more to all Ontarians.


“I am extremely pleased to be presenting this Private Members’ Bill and I am hopeful that it will result in fair access for anyone looking to purchase tickets to cultural events and entertainment in our province. Furthermore, it is my intention that this Bill builds on the previous amendments to the Ticket Speculation Act, 1990, and will result in greater consumer protection measures that will assure that Ontarians buying resale tickets are acutely aware of the difference between the resale price and the original purchase price.”

- Sophie Kiwala, MPP for Kingston and the Islands

“We are committed to strengthening consumer protection for Ontarians who access the thriving entertainment and arts community. The dramatic increase of software, often called ‘scalper- bots’, provides resellers the opportunity to not only acquire event tickets before the people of Ontario, but also allows them to purchase more than the advertised allotted ticket limit per consumer. MPP Kiwala's Bill addresses these concerns. " 

- Arthur Potts, MPP for Beaches – East York


  • The use of ticket scalping bots has increased drastically resulting in unfair ticket-selling practices
  • This Private Members’ Bill will prohibit the use of software that bypasses security measures on ticket selling websites
  • It will also require that the face value cost of tickets be disclosed in any re-sale offers
  • It further protects consumers in addition to the previous amendment of the Ticket Speculation Act, 1990 passed in 2015, which aims to protect consumers from fraudulent tickets by requiring secondary sellers to provide ticket authentication and a money back guarantee.
  • Bill aims to make cultural events and entertainment more accessible to all Ontarians and provide another level of consumer protection for ticket buyers

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