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  • October 03, 2016

Petition in Support of Bill 22: The Ticket Speculation Amendment Act (Purchase and Sale Requirements), 2016.

Supporting Bill 22 is Quick & Easy:

1) Visit my constituency office at 2-303 Bagot Street (Suite 2 in La Salle Mews downtown) and sign your name. Encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to do the same!


2) Print the following petition (attached as a PDF, for your convenience, at the bottom of this page) and circulate to your family, friends and colleagues. Once you have gathered all your signatures, return to my constituency office in person or by post:

MPP Sophie Kiwala | 2-303 Bagot Street | Kingston, Ontario | K7K 5W7


3) If you live outside of Kingston and the Islands, you can ask your own MPP to table the petition to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.

I believe in this legislation and what it will do, if passed, to protect consumers and increase access to cultural experiences. Thank you, kindly, for your support to help #beatthebots!

Sophie Kiwala, MPP


To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.

Whereas the use of security bypasses software, commonly known as ‘scalper-bots’ has increased tremendously to purchase tickets for entertainment events in our province;

And whereas scalper-bots override security measures that limit the number of tickets that can be bought in one single transaction resulting in ticket resellers to be able to purchase as many tickets as they wish and then place them online for sale at exorbitant prices;

And whereas prohibiting the use of security bypass software would assist in leveling the playing field and would make ticket purchasing a more fair process for consumers by deterring those who use this technology to buy large quantities of tickets for financial gain;

And whereas requiring the original purchase price to be disclosed during resale would give consumers a better understanding of the markup they would be paying when they purchase tickets through secondary sellers who obtained tickets through scalper-bots, resulting in increased transparency in the ticket-buying process ensuring that Ontarians are well educated about the increase that they are paying;

We, the undersigned, petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:

To allow for deputations on MPP Sophie Kiwala’s Private Members’ Bill, Bill 22, The Ticket Speculation Amendment Act (Sales and Requirements), 2016;

And once debated at the Standing Committee on General Government, to expedite Bill 22, The Ticket Speculation Amendment Act (Sales and Requirements Act (Sales and Requirements), 2016 through the Committee stage and back to the Legislature for Third Reading; and to immediately call for a vote on Bill 22 and to seek Royal Assent immediately upon its passage.

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