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  • February 08, 2017

Upgrading and Expanding Living Spaces for People with Developmental Disabilities in Kingston and the Islands

Province Improving Services to Some of Ontario’s Most Vulnerable

Ontario is investing in repairs, renovations and improved spaces for more people at residential properties that serve adults with developmental disabilities across the province. This investment of $26, 800 will provide additional residential capacity for 2 individuals with developmental disabilities in Kingston and the Islands. 

Developmental service agencies offer a wide range of supports for people with developmental disabilities, depending on their needs. This includes providing an accessible, safe and comfortable home, connecting people to health and social services, and encouraging people stay active and engaged with family, friends, and their community. 

Ontario is making the largest infrastructure investment in hospitals, schools, public transit, roads and bridges in the province’s history. To learn more about what’s happening in your community, go to

Investing in residential care for people with developmental disabilities is part of the government’s plan to create jobs, grow our economy and help people in their everyday lives. 


“Ontario is committed to exploring housing solutions that can meet the unique needs of a wide range of individuals with developmental disabilities. Today’s announcement is not only about improving residential settings that serve some of the province’s most vulnerable population but also about creative ways to increase capacity to provide these services.  It is these types of strategic infrastructure investments that will continue to bring positive change to the developmental services sector in our province.”  
— The Honourable Dr. Helena Jaczek, Minister of Community and Social Services  

“Our government’s investment will have a meaningful and long lasting affect for adults with developmental disabilities in Ontario. For Kingston and the Islands, it means much needed repairs and renovations to a residential property that is providing services and supports for some of our most vulnerable community members.”
— Sophie Kiwala, MPP, Kingston and the Islands 


  • In Kingston, an investment of $26, 800 will support program delivery for 2 adults with developmental disabilities.
  • Ontario is investing $2 million in repairs and upgrades at residential properties across the province, including $215,000 in Community Living North Halton.
  • This investment will create additional residential capacity for 51 people with developmental disabilities in agencies across Ontario.
  • The Multi-Year Residential Planning strategy is part of the province’s $810 million investment over three years in community and developmental services to support 1,400 new individuals.
  • Approximately 18,000 people with a developmental disability receive residential supports in their community, while another 15,000 receive direct funding for services and supports.
  • To date, more than 800 adults have transitioned to new residential supports — which are to provide accommodation, care and supervision to adults with a developmental disability — more than halfway towards our goal.
  • In 2016-17, under the Partner Facility Renewal program, Ontario has also invested over $16.6 million in more than 175 community service agencies, including developmental service agencies, for approximately 860 projects across Ontario to repair, renovate or upgrade facilities.

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