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  • November 10, 2017

Ontario Helping Lift People Out of Poverty In Kingston and the Islands

Provincial Investment in Local Solutions Driving Change in Kingston

Ontario is investing in 48 community projects across the province that are supporting new ways to help people break the cycle of poverty, increase food security, find good jobs and end homelessness in Ontario.

MPP Kiwala, was at Kingston Community Health Centres (KCHC) in Kingston today to announce funding for its ‘Circles’ program. The project is receiving support from the province to help adults, children, and single parents move toward food and income security. The data collected will contribute to a body of knowledge that will support poverty reduction programs across the province.

In total, 48 innovative, community-led projects are being funded through Ontario's Local Poverty Reduction Fund, which help groups disproportionately affected by poverty get into housing, develop skills and find employment. Those disproportionately affected by poverty include women, single parents, people with disabilities, youth, newcomers, visible minorities, seniors and Indigenous Peoples. Part of this funding supports data collection, which will help develop more effective poverty reduction programs across the province.

Fighting poverty is part of our plan to create jobs, grow our economy, and help people in their everyday lives.


“Ontario is investing in programs that will measurably improve the lives of those most affected by poverty. By harnessing the creativity of local partners, identifying innovative community-driven solutions, and building on evidence-based best practices, we can make strong inroads in tackling poverty.”

–– Peter Milczyn, Minister of Housing, Minister Responsible for the Poverty Reduction Strategy

“With this funding, Kingston Community Health Centres will be able to help us learn more about what approaches are making a difference for the Kingston community. This will help government, communities and all of our partners design and deliver more effective programs to combat poverty using proven approaches as we continue making Ontario the best place to call home.”

–– Sophie Kiwala, MPP, Kingston and the Islands

“Poverty influences your living conditions, lifestyle choices and more.  In fact, it is the single biggest determinant of overall health and wellbeing. KCHC is excited to partner with Loving Spoonful to offer a unique version of the Circles program, where we will address income and food security challenges in an innovative way. “     

--Mike Bell, CEO, KCHC

“The #1 determinant of food insecurity is income, so CIRCLES, a proven poverty reduction program will be a boom to Kingston’s food security. We’re thrilled to partner on this project and to bring the community-building aspect of creating and sharing good food to each Circle.”

--Mara Shaw, Executive Director, Loving Spoonful


  • KCHC is receiving $437,900, to help evaluate their CIRCLES program. The data collected will contribute to a body of knowledge that will support poverty reduction programs across the province.
  • Ontario is investing over $16 million to 48 projects in communities across Ontario, including over $6 million to 20 employment and income security projects, more than $5 million to 14 projects from Indigenous-led organizations, $3 million to 12 projects that are homelessness-related, and more than $4.5 million to 14 projects that are related to food security.
  • These projects focus on local community partnerships and include a third-party evaluation component, which is important because better data will help communities develop better solutions to increasing food security, reducing child poverty and homelessness, and helping people find jobs and earn a stable income.



Local Poverty Reduction Fund

Realizing Our Potential: Ontario’s Poverty Reduction Strategy




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