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  • Posted:November 08, 2016

Helping Patients in Kingston Manage Chronic Pain

Ontario Taking Action to Prevent Opioid Abuse

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  • Posted:October 11, 2016

Ontario Partnering with City of Kingston to End Homelessness

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  • Posted:September 22, 2016

Bill 22: The Ticket Speculation Amendment Act (Purchase and Sale Requirements), 2016

MPP Kiwala’s Private Members’ Bill aims to prohibit the use of ticket purchasing software and requires the listing of a tickets original purchase price when it is offered for sale in a print or electronic format.

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  • Posted:September 16, 2016

Ontario Reducing Electricity Costs for Families and Businesses

Families, Farms and Small Businesses in Kingston Will See Bill Reductions

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  • Posted:September 08, 2016

Ontario Enhancing Services for Refugees

Provincial Support Helping Refugees Integrate Into Kingston and the Islands

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  • Posted:September 08, 2016

Kingston and the Islands Receives Grants to Support Parents

Parent Engagement Leads to Student Achievement

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  • Posted:August 16, 2016

Province Investing $34,225 to Support Healthy and Active Communities in Kingston

Ontario Sport and Recreation Communities Fund Increasing Opportunities for Ontarians

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  • Posted:August 05, 2016

Kingston Hospitals Receiving Provincial Funding for Repairs and Upgrades

Investment Will Help 135 Hospitals Continue to Provide High-Quality Care

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  • Posted:August 04, 2016

Ontario Partnering with Tri-Art Manufacturing Inc. to Create Jobs

Province Investing in Electronics Manufacturing in Kingston

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  • Posted:August 03, 2016

Ontario Investing Over $13 Million in Health Care for Kingston

2016 Budget Includes New Investments in Hospital Infrastructure and Programs

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  • Posted:July 21, 2016

Ontario Investing an Additional $5,080,100 this Year in Home and Community Care Across the South East LHIN

Province increasing access to Home Care for those with high needs

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  • Posted:June 30, 2016

Ontario Establishing Income Security Reform Working Group

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  • Posted:June 30, 2016

Ontario Boosts Gender Inclusivity with Changes to Official Documents

Province Removes Sex Designation on Health Card, New Gender Option On Driver’s Licence Coming In Early 2017

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  • Posted:June 24, 2016

Cider Now Available in Grocery Stores

Government Offers Consumers Even More Choice and Convenience

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  • Posted:May 27, 2016

Investing $4 Million in Community Paramedicine to Support Patients

Providing Care at Home and in Community for People with Chronic Conditions

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  • Posted:May 13, 2016

Ontario Recognizes Outstanding Bravery of Frontenac Paramedics

Province Presents Second Annual Ontario Award for Paramedic Bravery

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  • Posted:May 12, 2016

Bill 189 Raising Awareness for Eating Disorders in Ontario

MPP Glenn Thibeault’s Bill aims to create Eating Disorders Awareness Week

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  • Posted:May 09, 2016

High School Graduation Rate Reaches All-Time High of 85.5 Per Cent

Ontario Surpasses Goal of 85 Per Cent of Students Graduating

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  • Posted:May 06, 2016

Kingston Receives $700,000 to Help At-Risk Youth

MPP Kiwala Joins the Student Commission of Canada to Announce Youth Research and Engagement Program

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  • Posted:April 26, 2016

Ontario Expands Free Dental Care for Eligible Children and Youth

Newly Integrated Dental Program Makes It Easier to Access Services

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